Sunday, December 17, 2017

Today’s weather begun the warming trend that will continue into the middle of the week. Most, if not all of the snowpack here on the Hill melted by day’s end with highs in the 40s and rain later in the day as I replaced the rain tube in my CoCoRaHs Station for tomorrow’s collection. The skies were cloudy at best.

According to the NWS daily climate summary for Pittsburgh, today’s High was 42,,achieved at 3:59 PM and the low temperature was 33, achieved at 8:42 a.m., bringing today’s average to 38 degrees.

Nothing fell in the CoCoRaHs Station today at Collection time, but 0.01″ at the NWS Office in Pittsburgh, bringing the month to date total to 7 tenths of an inch. 22.07 for the half of the year and 41.08 for the year At Pittsburgh. This keeps our total for the CoCoRaHs Station at 0.71.

No snow fell today and that keeps our totals at .7″ Pittsburgh PA totals remain at 6.9″ for the season, month and year.

On the Youghiogheny River at Connellsville Pennsylvania today, the river stage was 2.67′, which the level rose 2 hundredths of a feet today and tomorrow river stage is Forecast for 2.7′.

The routine Forest fire Forecasts Light rain will spread across the region this afternoon with a passing upper level disturbance. Warmer temperatures, cloudy skies, and light drizzle can be expected Monday and Tuesday. The Haines index is Forecast for 2 tomorrow day and 3 at Monday night, with 4. On Tuesday.

The Area Quality Forecast for Pittsburgh is for Monday in Pittsburgh is code level YELLOW is moderate, and means that people unusually sensitive to air pollution may be mildly affected. The primary pollutant will be particles.

The normal maximum Temperature tomorrow for Pittsburgh tomorrow is 38 degrees with the record being 63 degrees, set twice, once In 1924 and again in 1967. The normal minimum Temperature for tomorrow is 24 degrees and the record is -7,set in 1989.

Sunrise tomorrow will be at 7:39 AM EST and Sunset will be at 4:56 PM EAST.

Warmer, but damp weather can be expected through Tuesday.

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