Saturday, December 9, 2017

Yet, another Clear, crisp and sunny day here at South Connellsville. For the third day in a row, we received no Precipitation in the gauge, bringing the Total Precipitation for the month at 1.66 inches.

Today’s high in Pittsburgh was 37 Degrees attained at 3:26 PM. The low for Pittsburgh today was 21 degrees, attained at 6:54 a.m. The average in Pittsburgh today was 29.

No Precipitation fell in Pittsburgh today, keeping the month total amount at 0.37 inches. Since June 1, 22.04 inches of Precipitation fell in Pittsburgh and for the year, 40.75″ fell in Pittsburgh

For snowfall, none was measured here or in Pittsburgh this morning, however snow is on the way as this post is being written. For the month of December a Trace of Snow has fallen both here and at Pittsburgh

On the Youghiogheny River at Connellsville today the river stage was 2.76 inches. Overnight, the stage is forecasted to drop 6 hundredths to. 2.7″ tomorrow around 7 AM.

The Air Quality Forecast for tomorrow is code level GREEN,which is good, and means little or no health risk. The primary pollutant will be particles.

For fire weather forecast, the Haines Index tomorrow will be 3 in the daytime and 4 in the nighttime.

For tomorrow, the normal High Temperature is 41 degrees and the record for tomorrow is 72 degrees set in 1971. The Normal low temperature is 27 degrees and the record low for Pittsburgh is-6, recorded in 1876.

Sunset for tomorrow is at 7:33 AM and Sunset will be at 4:54 PM.

For the Outlook, Cool weather continues. Most locations will see a period oflight snow tonight, early Monday morning, and again on Tuesday.

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