Friday, December 8, 2017

Yet another cold day and night in the district, with colder than normal Temperatures. Partly cloudy skies were the predominantly common factor.

The maximum Temperature for today was 30, attained at 3:36 P.M.  The minimum Temperature was 22, attained at 8:09 A.M., this brings the average Temperature to 26 degrees.

Today 0.00″ of Precipitation fell in Pittsburgh at the forecast office. Their monthly total is 0.37. Since, June 1, 22.04 inches of Precipitation fell and for the year, 40.75″ fell.

No snow fell Today, keeping their and mine snow Record at a trace for both the month and season.

In the CoCoRaHs Station,0.00 Precipitation fell, keeping the record for the month at 1.66″ and the snowfall remains at a trace.

Today’s River stage on the Youghiogheny River at Connellsville was 2.82″Changing down 0.11″, Tomorrow’s Forecast is 2.7″.

For the fire weather forecast the Haines index for tomorrow will be 5 in the daytime at 4 in the evening.

The air quality forecast for tomorrow in Pittsburgh is code level GREEN, which is good, and means little or no health risk. The primary pollutant will be particles.

The normal maximum Temperature for Pittsburgh tomorrow is 41 degrees and the record high is 73, set in 1885. The normal minimum Temperature is 27 degrees and the record low for Pittsburgh is -4, set in 1876.

Sunrise for tomorrow Will occurr at 7:33 AM E.D.T., while Sunset will occur at 4:54 PM E.D.T..

In summary, Cold weather continues. Snow showers are likely with a reinforcing cold front late tomorrow.

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