Tornado Confirmed Near Rimersburg in Toby Township in Clarion County Western Pennsylvania

Location…near Rimersburg in Toby Township in Clarion County
western Pennsylvania
Date…July 11, 2017
Estimated Time…645 – 648 PM EDT
Maximum EF-Scale Rating…EF0
Estimated Maximum Wind Speed…75 MPH
Maximum Path Width…250 yards
Path Length…1 mile
Beginning Lat/Lon…41.077N / 79.566W
Ending lat/Lon…41.072N / 79.548W
* Fatalities…0
* Injuries…0

* The information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in
NWS Storm Data.

The National Weather Service in Pittsburgh PA has confirmed a
tornado near Rimersburg in Toby Township in Clarion County in
Western Pennsylvania on July 11, 2017.

A damage path a found extending from Zanot Road east-southeastward to
the intersection of Cherry Run Road and Rimer Road to Fink Road in Toby
Township, roughly 4 miles northwest of Rimersburg. Observed damage was
exclusively to trees, with many examples of broken large limbs, trunk
snaps, and uproots of both healthy and unhealthy trees.

The most significant damage occurred during the early part of the track
along Zanot Road to its intersection with Cherry Run Road. It was here
that the greatest concentration of tree damage was found, with several
healthy trees snapped and uprooted. A convergent damage path was noted,
as opposed to a uniform or spreading direction, which suggested tornadic
activity. Further down the track, tree damage was less significant and
limited to smaller trees.

While tree damage was significant, especially in the first portion of the
track, the overall lack of damage to structures plus the antecedent wet
soils allows the wind speed to be capped at 75 MPH. Thus, the tornado has
been rated an EF0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

Appreciation is extended to the Clarion County Office of Emergency Services
for their assistance in reporting and documenting the damage along the
survey path.

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